The Midweeker: Guerrilla Marketing, the Partnership Model, and the Wild West of Programmatic.

The Midweeker: Guerrilla Marketing, the Partnership Model, and the Wild West of Programmatic.

Why 2016 Will be the Year Internet Advertising Exceeds Television Advertising

Sarah Sluis analyses PwC’s most recent findings on programmatic marketing’s place as the rising star of digital marketing with mobile advertising leading the way to higher sales. With online ad revenue up by $10 billion from 2014, this year could very well be a watershed year for the marketing industry. Read More.


Native the Wild West Programmatic

“Programmatic buying is, quite clearly, the future of media.” Says Bill Cromwell, extoling the new and booming digital marketplace. With so many new companies fighting to provide the most unique and cutting-edge experience, the field is set for the emergence of a singular programmatic giant to rise up and set the new standard. Read More.

“No Longer Is Data Simply a Stagnant List”

Larisa Bedgood of Customerthink takes a look at the highs and lows of data-driven companies in 2016. In an ongoing effort to improve data quality, companies are using varied combinations of outsourced and in-house resources to compile the most robust and dynamic stockpiles of information to create a truly engaging and personal experience for their viewers. Read more.


Should Programmatic Embrace Guerrilla Marketing Tactics?

Can Guerrilla Marketing be the bridge to span the divide between programmatic and personalisation? Suzie Duncan of House of Kaizen discusses how programmatic marketing is a booming field, but an automated process which can leave little room for the creative touch that only a human hand can provide. Duncan considers the potential to combine programmatic with guerrilla marketing in order to create a unique, impactful method of data-gathering. Read more

The Partnership Model – how Companies can Jump the Cross-Platform Hurdle

Programmatic marketing is on the rise, but hasn’t fully tackled the problem of getting a solid read on a single customer cross-platform. Bruce Falck of Turn illustrates the potential of a ‘virtuous circle’ wherein agencies and companies collaborate to help create a mutually beneficial feedback loop. Read more.

3 New and Up and Coming Trends in DMPs

“It’s a great time to be a data-driven marketer” says Chris O’Hara of Krux as he details new developments in DMPs geared towards fine-tuning audience segments for the best possible response in the world of programmatic media. Here he discusses using DMPs to segment those prone to ad-blocking for fine-tuned results, decreasing website latency to better deliver premium ads and more. Read more.

Is Native Programmatic Counter-Intuitive?

“Is (the) promise of delivering custom experiences at scale a contradiction in terms?” Jessica Goodfellow highlights the differencing stances of media heads presenting at Ad Week Europe on the subject of native advertising and the programmatic world. While there are those who see it as a contradiction by definition, others such as Jamie Toward of Karmarama remain confident that this is the coming together of two powerhouse mediums of the digital marketing world today. Read more.


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