The Intender Network (First Party Data Solution)

Because hand-raisers deserve our attention first

The Intender Network uses website behavioural data to better target prospective customers. This data helps confirm an intent rich mindset.

The sites we use attract visitors who are there to make informed decisions about product features, benefits and costs.

The Intender Network delivers highly-relevant, privacy-sensitive ads to online consumers across 30 ready-made “purchase intent” segments.

These segments have been created from browse, search, purchase and loyalty information which we have gleaned from travel, motor, home services (gas & electricity, broadband, phone and TV), money services (current, savings, loan a/c, credit cards, mortgages), gaming, and technology content sites.

  1. The Intender Network is a collection of non-personally-identifiable consumer data from websites that own commercially-valuable data.
  2. We classify this data into proprietary purchase intent segments.
  3. We make the information available to advertisers who use it to deliver ads relevant to individual consumers.

1. Maximise the return on your ad spend

Intenders represent the most attractive target audience around. These people, by their actions, have shown themselves to be in-market and interested in your product offering or in your wider business sector. By concentrating your firepower on these hand-raisers (those most likely to convert), businesses can win new customers more quickly and at a lower cost.

2. Reach prospects during the Crucial Consideration Phase

The Intender Network helps brands reach prospects at the post search and browse stages on vertical search engines. These engines attract in-market consumers whom marketers using the Intender Network can now reach out to during the crucial consideration phase of the buying process. Put simply these intenders are at a lower level in the funnel where the potential to influence is greater and the proximity to purchase is closer.

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