Preaching to the converted ensures your message does not fall on deaf ears

With a 98% site abandonment rate,  the first responsibility of Marketing is to re-engage wth prospects who have already engaged with the brand but have not bought.


Site retargeting is the process whereby cookies are added to a user’s browser when they visit a site, these cookies allow for identification of that browser when they are elsewhere on the web.


Email retargeting sees pixels included in emails that marketers send to their databases. When the email is opened, the pixels write a cookie to that user’s browser allowing that user to be identified when they are elsewhere on the web.


CRM Retargeting sees companies use offline database assets such as email records to segment and target customers online.


Cross-Screen Retargeting expands the reach of remarketing campaigns beyond the confines of desktop to mobile. This facilitates an ongoing cross-screen conversation with potential customers.

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