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Find customers profitably and at scale

Insightful Media is a buying platform. It buys advertising from ad exchanges, supply side platforms, ad networks, publishers and sites.

Because the supply of digital inventory outstrips demand, we have access to large inventory volumes and large global audiences. We reach 95% of the Irish population.

Supply is good, but knowing what to buy is even better. The platform uses intelligent learning algorithms to allow more effective planning, better campaign management leading to more effective results. First and third party data are used to better inform our buying tactics.

The platform uses variables such as history of site visits, time of visits, frequency, recency, and relative velocity to match the right ads to the right user at the right time.

We will help you find your next customers profitably and in large numbers by buying the inventory most relevant to your audience and your business’s success.

We have created 24 custom segments to help our audiences pinpoint the audiences that matter. Please find our Insightful Media Audience Segments here.

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