Multi-level performance tools

We offer tools that deliver at each stage of the Marketing Funnel.


Programmatic Native

Native ads match the visual design of the experience they live within, and look and feel like natural content. Pogrammatic native advertising serves each ad unit on an impression-by-impression level and leverages real-time data and decision making to ensure that the most relevant ad is placed on each site.

Social Optimisation

Reach across social networks to maximize your impact. We’re experts in social and can take insights learned from multiple campaigns on one social media network and use it to better target your audience on others. Through our unified dashboard this optimisation can be achieved easily and effectively.

Programmatic Email

We intelligently and programmatically  serve the right ad based on location, device, time, newsletter, demographics and also bid to win valuable impressions as they are made available. Through our behavioural e-mail marketing tool  you will achieve your marketing and advertising goals.

Programmatic Video

Combines the branding and experiential power of TV with the precision and performance of programmatic. Insightful Media delivers large reach through premier video exchanges including BrightRoll,, AdBrite, Doubleclick, LiveRail, SpotXchange.

Dynamic Creative

Relevancy is the critical ingredient in marketing out-performance. Dynamic creative provides advertisers with the ability to leverage user-level data to deliver truly targeted and meaningful messages to each and every consumer.


Our Cross-Screen approach allows us to extend the same programmatic intelligence to all channels. This allows advertisers to capitalise on the complementarity between web, mobile, video, and social and reach users with messages that repeat and build throughout the day.

The Intender Network

The Intender Network uses website behavioural data to better target prospective customers. This data helps confirm an intent rich mindset. The sites we use attract visitors who are there to make informed decisions about product features, benefits and costs.


With a 98% site abandonment rate,  the first responsibility of Marketing is to re-engage wth prospects who have already engaged with the brand but have not bought.


Display Performance

Insightful Media is a buying platform. It buys advertising from ad exchanges, supply side platforms, ad networks, publishers and sites. Because the supply of digital inventory outstrips demand, we have access to large inventory volumes and large global audiences.

The Conversion Lab

Website leakage is a huge problem for e-commerce and lead generation sites. Our tools will help you re-engage customers at every exit point on your website.


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” They always make a genuine effort to understand our client and campaign objectives and offer a combination of technology, targeting and account management that helps us to drive better value for our clients and ultimately, better results”

Patrick McConville, Media Director, ican

“Through their expertise in real-time bidding and audience targeting Insightful Media became a valuable partner in delivering new leads and providing insights on audience behaviour”

Julian Lynch, Managing Director, iProspect

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