The Mid-Weeker: Native Programmatic, Facebook’s Canvas, and The Power of Third-Party Data

The Mid-Weeker: Native Programmatic, Facebook’s Canvas, and The Power of Third-Party Data

Native Must Make Mobile Ads Relevant: Facebook’s Arnstein

Mobile ads are going to have to change if they are to recapture interest from consumers whom they are putting off with too-pushy experiences says Yoav Arnstein of Facebook. Watch here


Native Programmatic Gets Boost with Partnership

With native programmatic being the next big thing, we take a look at the latest partnership that the industry is benefiting from. Sharethrough and The Trade Desk have joined forces and launched a new native advertising real-time buying (RTB) integration. Originally, native advertising had been more custom-built but this partnership allows for greater scale and efficiency. The benefits of this partnership remain to be seen, but if the future of programmatic is the merging of it with creative, which a lot of people believe to be the case, then we could be seeing an industry changer here. Read More

A Precise Recipe Will Help Publishers Profit from Facebook Instant Articles

As more and more online users make the shift to using social media as their main internet landing page (and staying page) it seems that publishers have a lot at stake when it comes to Facebook Instant Articles. Some sceptical publishers think of Instant Articles as a way for Facebook to commoditise the online content space more quickly and have decided to opt out. Others, including The Washington Post, have fully embraced Instant Articles, thinking of its success as a matter of audience reach rather than one that relies on specific pieces of content. Read more.


61% of UK Marketers Say That Programmatic Ads Provide a Greater ROI Than Traditional Media.

According to AdRoll’s state of the industry UK 2016, 61% of UK marketers say programmatic ads provide a greater ROI than traditional media, 45% of marketers surveyed say that they will raise their programmatic budgets in 2016, and marketers invest heavily in programmatic advertising across all channels, with 70% spending 10-50% of their advertising budgets on programmatic ads. The results come about after AdRoll surveyed a diverse group of 220 marketers in the UK to discover how businesses are thinking about – and adopting – the new marketing opportunities brought forth by programmatic advertising. Read more

Facebook Will Extend ‘Canvas’ Ad Format to Instagram

At a recent press conference Facebook formally unveiled Canvas, its new full-screen mobile ad unit that offers creatives the space they have been craving in the news feed. But the richer mobile ads will not be constrained to Facebook for long, as at the same Facebook press conference it was announced that Canvas will be syndicated to Instagram in the second half of 2016. Canvas provides advertisers with a full-page, immersive experience on which to build visually engaging stories through native ad in their feed. Read more.

5 Misconceptions about Programmatic Advertising

Take a look at these five misconceptions regarding programmatic advertising. They include programmatic killing creativity, mobile lacking standardisation and measurement, and programmatic offering low-quality inventory. The analysis provided by Dora Michail of Yahoo, dispels some of the myths which have started to pop up in programmatic. Read more.

The Power of Third-Party Data

The first thing to sort out when considering a data strategy is what types of data you have, what types you need, and how you can use both. Business2Community outlines the importance of third-party data, and states that whilst first party-data is important it “is only truly powerful when it’s combined with its data cousin: third-party data.” Read more.


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