The Midweeker – LinkedIn, Mobile, and B2B Programmatic

The Midweeker – LinkedIn, Mobile, and B2B Programmatic

It’s time for Data to Fuel Creativity

“Data and creativity coming together has been talked about for a number of years, I don’t think we’ve really seen it.”

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 This is the Real Reason Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

Grant Feller of Forbes shares insight to the recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft in an astounding 26B buyout. More than just a “dull cousin of Facebook,” Feller discusses how LinkedIn’s capabilities for content creation – rather than reposting and redirection, can make it a formidable tool for engaging online communities.

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How Mobile is Overtaking Desktop for Media Consumption, in 5 Charts

As the number of people using their phones to browse the web continues to skyrocket, mobile continues to widen the gap between itself and desktop when it comes to ad spend. Digiday brings us the numbers to illustrate the trends of mobile ad growth worldwide.

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Measuring Ad Annoyance: How Our Perceptual System Processes Ads

Is the attention generated by interstitial ads worth the level of annoyance these ads generate? The result of a recent neuromarketing experiment suggests maybe not. By examining eye tracking and  the cognitive ‘gut reaction’ of viewers when presented with interstitial advertising, researchers have found that the ad format has a higher rate of capturing attention over other layouts… focused squarely on the ‘x’ close button. Read more.



Deterministic and Probabilistic – Finding the Balance

Marketers prefer deterministic data for ad targeting – but will it remain practical? Closing the gap at close second are those who utilize a combination of both deterministic and probabilistic data in their marketing strategy. As the “walled gardens” of Facebook and Google stockpile first-party data, blended approaches may soon become the common methods of the near future.

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B2B Marketers Get More Comfortable with Programmatic

A recent study by Kantar Media and Connectiv breaks down the numbers on the B2B business environment when it comes to programmatic spending. Although the numbers still lag behind those marketing in the consumer sector, signs point towards a cautious increase in programmatic ad spend with B2B companies.

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Ads Overtook Content: The Real Culprit of Ad Blocking Adoption

Although ads may only account for a small percentage of the virtual real estate of any given page, its domination of a user’s bandwidth and load time may be the leading cause for the rise of ad blockers in recent years. Diane Vickroy of Secret Media discusses the findings of a recent study which looked to view the ad-viewing experience holistically from the consumer’s point of view, and shares the results which may point towards an eventual solution. Read more.


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