The Midweeker – Time, Adblockers and Automated Guaranteed

The Midweeker – Time, Adblockers and Automated Guaranteed

‘Offline Retargeting’. New Innovations in Cross-Device Marketing

Bannerconnect’s Tim Greenan discusses today’s challenges involving fragmentation – and how the solution may be to step away from digital and into the real world with new and future-focused innovations. Watch here

Google’s Universal App Campaigns Expands to iOS and More


Google’s latest I/O conference is bringing exciting new developments to the marketing world. Among other announcements, the search giant is expanding Universal App Campaigns to Apple, Youtube, and more than 2 million other partner websites. These new developments will allow marketers to better access the mobile software geared to target its most valuable customers – those most likely to make conversions on a wider and more in-depth scope.

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How Time Reversed 10 Years of Revenue Declines

After a decade of steadily declining sales, this year has shown an upturn in the iconic magazine. This hard-won victory was accomplished with a ruthless staff overhaul to bring in fresh thinking minds with a hand on the digital pulse. By digging in and expanding its digital, video and native presence, Time has taken the first steps towards establishing a foothold in the new media market.

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Adblockers: Alarming Growth Set to Cost Advertisers 12BN by 2020.

Recent numbers show the alarming growth of the use of Adblockers on popular search engines are going to cost advertisers big. With increasing awareness of their effectiveness and availability, its subscribers are swelling and set to cause billions in lost revenue. While this rising trend is set to leave some advertisers feeling the heat, the Guardian’s Jasper Jackson remains confident that this natural course is setting the stage for new innovation in ad delivery to the public.

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Automated Guaranteed Set to Take the Lead

Advertising in the Automatic Guaranteed sector is on the rise, currently poised to take over PMPs and post a real challenge to RTB. Kumar Shah argues that AG offers a solution to one of RTB’s biggest shortcomings – publishers undervaluing the real estate set aside for this channel. By ensuring a guaranteed revenue stream for publishers, AG is an attractive option for controlling the price point of their best inventory.

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Embracing the Future of Mobile Programmatic

Scott Gillum presents his rosy view of the future world of mobile programmatic and cross-platform retargeting – a mutually beneficial evolution between marketers and consumers. He presents his views on how best to shape a marketing environment where programmatic is seen not as an invasion, but a means of helping people get the things they specifically need faster and easier than ever. His vision is illustrated here in four fundamental steps.

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Emerging Developments for In-App Advertising

With the rising surge in mobile traffic, it’s no wonder that more marketers are pushing towards mobile advertising. Choozel CEO Andrew Fischer witnesses a rapidly developing ecosystem of in-app marketing to better target viewers with greater precision. Developments in non-cookie tracking tools and app attribution systems are evolving to meet the explosive growth and unique demands of the mobile marketplace.

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