The Midweeker – Social Media Puts the Focus on Mobile

The Midweeker – Social Media Puts the Focus on Mobile

Dynamic Creative Optimisation “Nothing Short of Amazing.”

David J. Moore of WPP unit Xaxis discusses the digital marketing potential for Dynamic Creative Optimisation – putting the focus on how and what you show audiences, rather than who an individual ad is delivered to.

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Facebook is Shutting Down its Retargeting Exchange – Redirecting Advertisers to Mobile

The steady march towards mobile marketing is seen this week in the shutting down of the desktop-focused retargeting tool Facebook Exchange. According to VP of Monetization Matt Idema, this development is part of a push to move advertisers towards the social network’s mobile platform. Although Facebook Exchange started strong during its launch in 2012, the tool has since become a “very small” part of the company’s business as more users flock to mobile devices. Read More

Programmatic is the Vehicle, Insights are the Solution

Bruce Falck, CEO of TURN discusses how marketers should focus on the data insights to be gained from programmatic marketing. With data from programmatic driving analytics and generating campaign success, the market is more primed than ever to push the boundaries on how to deliver to the right ad to the right consumer. Read more.

Twitter Ditches its Buy Button – Puts the Focus on Retargeting

The short-lived ‘buy’ button will soon be disappearing from Twitter as the company plans to funnel resources into dynamic product ads. The lackluster response to the feature appears to show that social media users are not in the frame of mind to make direct purchases. Econsultancy’s Ben Davis surmises the demise of the feature as “a perfect storm of perhaps a slightly misjudged product and little update.” Read more

What is the Mobile Programmatic Future of Advertising?

The mobile device is quickly establishing itself as top dog in the consumer’s online activity. Reports show that the vast majority of this time is spent in apps – and smart marketers are taking notice. With more sophisticated data tracking, targeting and a resilience to ad-blocking, apps are quickly gaining prevalence in the digital marketing community. Read more.


Creating the Consumer-Based Customer Experience for Programmatic

Chief Customer Officer of OpenX, Tish Whitcraft shares with the Huffington Post the potential of utilizing programmatic technology to provide a wider range of customer support for business operations. “As more people consume content across a variety of devices, there has never been a greater need for programmatic solution providers to define and deliver an exceptional, consumer grade experience so that their clients can do the same.” Read more


Facebook to Serve Ads to Non-Users Through its Audience Network

In a direct shot at Google’s AdSense Network, Facebook will now be able to target ads to users outside of its platform through the use of the Audience Network. Through this tool, any website using Facebook technology will allow the company to access valuable marketing information to serve ads on mobile apps and websites beyond its own, regardless if users are signed in or possess a Facebook account. Read more.


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