The Midweeker | Key Takeaways from Cannes and More

The Midweeker | Key Takeaways from Cannes and More

The Future and Growth of Programmatic

Vincent Potier of Captify gives his thoughts on the growth and future of programmatic advertising. Who is commanding the market, and what can we expect to change in coming months.

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 Programmatic Buying Has Arrived on LinkedIn

Following Microsoft’s purchase of the career-minded social platform, LinkedIn has recently announced the advent of programmatic buying to acquire Linkedin Display Ads.
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The Programmatic Manifesto

“People aren’t users.”
Brian Morrissey’s coverage of the Digital Marketing Summit outlines the hard truths on where programmatic has floundered in recent years, and what can be done in order to continue the march of innovation. What practices need to be cast aside for the sake of the industry, and where can we benefit from closer scrutiny. Read more.



Video Ads are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Jourdain-Alexander Casale gives his take on video header bidding, and what opportunities it presents for programmatic advertising. Currently popular in private marketplaces, programmatic offers the ease and speed to make full use of this high-engagement ad format for new premium markets. Read More


Programmatic Investment is on the Rise: Advertising on Premium Editorial Websites More Effective

This research roundup features the latest numbers on all things programmatic. Which websites are proving to have the highest engagement rates with audiences? What are the most prevalent household devices when it comes to surfing the web? Sonja Kroll of Exchangewire reports on this and more in the world of digital marketing.

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If a Video Ad Plays, but Nobody Hearts it, Does it Make a Sound?

With mobile video on the rise, the time is right for native video to take off on the web. Highly visual and engaging, this format is thriving inside the walled gardens of social media giants. Lindsay Rowntree gives insight to the key tips and tricks that bring in the views and grab the viewer’s attention on mobile video. Read more.

How Will Brexit Impact Digital Business and Marketers?

David Math takes a matter-of-fact approach at what we know about the digital marketplace to cast a forecast into the foggy future that is the aftermath of Brexit. From start-up companies to international giants, what does this move mean for your business? Read more.





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