The MidWeeker – Facebook, Optimisation and Human – Robot Relations

The MidWeeker – Facebook, Optimisation and Human – Robot Relations

Xaxis’ Crittenden Wants a World Beyond CTR

Damien Crittenden discusses the limitations associated with a fixation on CTR to measure campaign effectiveness. Watch here

Facebook Brings Retargeting to Instagram via Dynamic Ads

This week, Facebook Dynamic Ads has become available on both the Facebook Audience Network as well as Instagram. This instalment lets advertisers reach over half of the users who utilize Instagram for discovery. This, in addition to new metrics that identify high-value consumers with Custom Audiences opens up new doors for digital marketers across the field of social media. Read More



“Now That We Have the Media in Place, it’s Time to Focus on the Message.”

b2b-programmaticAre we letting the programmatic process override its purpose? Programmatic marketing is the most rapidly growing method of digital advertising in the industry today, but automation and efficiency may be coming at the expense of creativity and innovation. Tom Bowman of The Drum discusses bridging the gap between science and art, both cerebrally and industrially in order to give viewers a fully connective marketing experience. Read more.

Why Man-Machine Collaboration is the Key to Success.

Automated-CreativityRob Lennon of the Drum discusses the evolution of the human – robot relationships in the world of digital marketing. Although programmatic marketing is an increase in automation, Lennon foresees this move leading to job re-arrangement, rather than job loss. Where certain doors may close, automated media advertising opens up the potential for specialists in new fields to maximise spend efficiency. Similar to Mercedes giving robots the boot in favour of a uniquely human touch, digital marketing isn’t quite ready to replace the quality control that human marketers can provide. Read more

Four Award-Winning Case Studies in Programmatic Marketing

With so many sources touting the impressive numbers associated with the benefits of programmatic marketing, it can be a nice change of pace to look at the creative potential of the dynamic marketing platform. Ben Davis of EConsultancy lists his four favourite award-winning case studies of companies who utilised the customisable nature of programmatic marketing to capture the attention of their audiences. Read more.

OMD, MEC, and Essence Share Their Optimisation Recipes


“Optimisation involves a cocktail of factors.” According to Michael Thomas, global director of analytics at Essence. While some recommend optimizing non-brand spaces to increase quality impressions, others focus on keeping an eye on the big picture in order to spot new trends. Top media agencies discuss what factors into their methods to provide the best ROI for their clients. Read more.

Programmatic Marketing Takes off in 2016 (Infographic)

Kimberlee Morrison of AdExchanger gives readers the rundown on the rise of programmatic advertising, pairing the latest statistics to eye-catching visuals to illustrate the state of the market today. In addition to numbers that speak for themselves, Morrison addresses some of the concerns with the industry alongside the impressive results that we have seen and can look forward to in 2016. Read more.




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