The Midweeker – Debunking Misconceptions of Programmatic, Native and Viewability

The Midweeker – Debunking Misconceptions of Programmatic, Native and Viewability

“Its Not About Creating Sponsored Content, It’s About Creating Relevant Content.”

What is the greatest threat to programmatic marketing today? Worse than having an ad that doesn’t properly engage with audiences, is one that isn’t seen at all. Watch here

Vice’s Shane Smith: ‘Expect a Bloodbath’ in Media Within the Next Year

Vice Media CEO’s discusses the very near future of the digital media industry, forecasting an “implosion” of media giants such as Viacom, Time Warner and Fox. “There’s a whole generation that came up with no advertising but yet ads paid for everything, so there’s this whole disruption happening and… it’s affecting everybody.” Smith expounds on the future of virtual reality, the patrimony of Facebook, and keeping current in the millennial market. Read More

What People Get Wrong Most Often About Programmatic

Representatives from key companies such as Netflix, Ebay and Bayer come together to discuss what they believe to be the most prevalent misconceptions of the industry today. Is there no place for the creative human mind in the programmatic market? What kind of data can you expect to retain from your campaign? These top minds share their input to bust the biggest myths of the programmatic market. Read more.

Recent Studies Show Mobiles Provide the Most Emotionally Engaging Screen for Marketers.

“As we evolve how brands get the right message to the right person, emotional and situational context must be part of the equation,” reports managing director of Yahoo, Nigel Clarkson. More individuals are turning to their mobile devices to watch video, read for leisure, and relax in general. In this frame of mind, viewers are much more likely to engage with and share online content. This data may open up new doors when it comes to considering the specific screen a viewer is using when delivered specific content. Read more

Top Announcements from Google’s Performance Summit


Over half of all searches are now being performed on mobile, and Google is taking notice. Their most recent summit saw announcements to bring in a slew of new changes catering to the mobile market. Changes include expanded text ads for Adwords, responsive ads for Google Display, new local search ads on and Maps, and bid adjustments for each device type. Read more.

3 Biggest Misconceptions in Native Advertising

CEO and co-founder of Quantum Advertising Phillippe Besnard discusses Native advertising and how to make the most of the advertising format. How is the buzzword being misused, and what can we expect from the native compared to traditional advertising? Besnard gives his insight on the coming together of programmatic and native as  complimentary, rather than contrary fields. Read more.

The Truth About Cross-Device Data Quality

“Deterministic isn’t the same as true,” John Dempsey of AdExchanger discusses the fallible nature of deterministic data that some marketers may take for granted. “What about when your kid logs into Facebook on your phone?” he cites, among other examples of bad data issues. When it comes to cross-device marketing, probabilistic data is increasingly relied upon, and therefore it is more important than ever to have a spot-on truth set to make sure that you are working with the right numbers. Read more.


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