The Mid-Weeker: Can Programmatic Native Combat Ad-Blocking, Native Video’s Rapid Growth & 8 Facts About Retargeting

The Mid-Weeker: Can Programmatic Native Combat Ad-Blocking, Native Video’s Rapid Growth & 8 Facts About Retargeting

Native Video Is Fastest Growing Format in Mobile Advertising caught up with Nikao Yang, SVP-Global Marketing and Business Development at AdColony, who says publishers are always looking to monetise their content feeds and believes native video is the fastest growing format in mobile advertising today. Watch the Video.


Global Programmatic Spend Tipped To Hit $36.8bn By 2019

global-programmatic-spend-wheelbarrowThere is no question that Programmatic spend is on the up, but some will be surprised at how large Programmatic spend will become. According to a new global analysis by IPG’s Magna Global, Programmatic is set to become a $36.8bn industry by 2019. That number is more than double the spend that is currently seen globally, with display and video inventory transacted through programmatic methods reaching $14.2 billion this year according to the report, with that number growing 49% compared to 2014. The new report which saw Magna Global look at spend in 41 different markets, indicates that the main drivers behind the greater ad spend is because marketers are becoming more aware of the opportunities Programmatic offers :
•    The opportunity to reduce transaction costs on both the buying and selling side
•    The opportunity to monetise a broader range of digital media impressions, and
•    The opportunity to leverage consumer data at scale to improve the efficiency of ad campaigns.
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Is The Programmatic Delivery Of Native Advertising The Answer To Ad Blocking?

programmatic-strategyAs the Online Advertising industry deals with the fallout over recent ad-blocking reports, many have looked at what options they can take in response. Recent predictions from Spear Marketing Group expect many marketers to look towards programmatic and content marketing as the solutions. Programmatic and native advertising have become the two most exciting tactics in advertising over recent years and as use of the two become mainstream, this article asks whether it would be such a big step for automation tools to open up native advertising content slots? Programmatic is known for being the efficient automation of media trading allowing marketers to place relevant ads in front of relevant audiences while native advertising provides the audience with quality and relevant content. The buy side and the sell side are supposedly in a panic over how to combat ad-blocking, but are the tools already at our disposal? Read more.


Agencies Have Some Requests For Twitter’s New Permanent CEO

JackDorsey-twitter-ceoAfter months of toing and froing, Twitter finally announced on Monday that Jack Dorsey would officially become their permanent CEO. Dorsey has been managing Twitter as interim CEO since Dick Costolo stepped down in June and Dorsey announced his new official position via his Twitter account. Dorsey went on to set out a roadmap of what he intends to do to make Twitter great, but a number of agencies have also weighed in on what Twitter could do to make itself really great. AdExchanger caught up with media agencies Essence, Anagram and MEC to find out their opinions on what could be done to improve Twitter with the key issues brought up being brand safety in a real-time environment, making the process of spending on Twitter more convenient and showing a greater willingness to change previously sacrosanct features. Read more.


Mobile Forecast To Dominate The Programmatic Market In 2016

mobile programmaticWhile it will come as no surprise to marketers that mobile is set to continue its growing domination of online advertising, this new eMarketer report may surprise some at the rate of growth as it predicts mobile to lead the programmatic market in 2016. This forecast comes despite many marketers still struggling to cope with issues surrounding viewability, ad fraud and measuring campaigns on mobile. The report states that the dramatic growth of mobile in the programmatic market is down to the global market for smartphones, as well as the ease and convenience of electronic buying. In a recent IAB study, it was found the 33% of marketers see mobile as the channel with most opportunity in programmatic while a recent Millennial Media survey showed increased expenditure on mobile programmatic has also led to further investment in rich media ad formats. With a multitude of reports and studies to support it, it seems inevitable that mobile programmatic is set to dominate the industry sooner rather than later. Read more.


Which New Social Ad Platforms Are The Most Popular Among Advertisers?

social-ad-platforms-chartSeveral fast-growing social media services began offering themselves as platforms for advertisers this year, and according to September 2015 polling, US marketers are interested in getting in on the action—especially on Facebook-owned Instagram. RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age found that 72% of US marketers surveyed were interested in allocating money to Instagram for advertising. That was far ahead of second-place Pinterest, where 41% of those polled considered spending ad dollars. The popularity of Instagram to advertisers comes as no surprise now that Instagram has access to the full slate of Facebook advertising tools meaning which makes the move to Instagram seamless for Facebook advertisers. Read more.


Infographic: 8 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Retargeting 

retargeting-facts-infographicRetargeting is one of the most popular digital marketing tactics around. Retargeting is basically using an online user’s browsing behaviour to retarget ads they may have previously seen or encountered. Previous studies have shown that only 2% of first-time website consumers convert so retargeting allows marketers another bite at the apple. eMarketer have reported that 88% of marketers are currently using or have used retargeting with a further 56% planning to start a new retargeting campaign within the year. In responses to the overwhelming popularity of this advertising tactic, Business2Community have produced an infographic on 8 retargeting facts that marketers need to know.
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