The Mid-Weeker: Clients Want to Expand Programmatic Toolsets, Facebook to Launch DSP in 2016 & The Evolution of Display Advertising

The Mid-Weeker: Clients Want to Expand Programmatic Toolsets, Facebook to Launch DSP in 2016 & The Evolution of Display Advertising

As Programmatic Booms, Clients Now Want to Use a Mix of Tools

Bill-Day-CEO-tremor-videoBill Day, CEO of video ad tech vendor Tremor Video, speaks with on how Programmatic Buyers and Sellers are looking to use a mix of Private Marketplaces and Open RTB solutions to achieve their campaign goals. Watch the Video.


More Than Half Of Google’s Searches Worldwide Happen On Mobile

google-mobile1-searchEarlier this year, Google announced that for the first time, it was seeing more search activity on mobile than desktop. This claim was based on the data from a select 10 countries but last week, Google officially announced that Mobile’s Search domination is now the case worldwide. Google’s announcement is even more incredible when you account for the fact that desktop is actually growing with recent figures from ComScore showing that search on desktop is consistently rising month on month in 2015. The reasons for mobile’s extraordinary growth can be put down to two distinguishing factors, the ever-increasing use of smartphones and proliferation of the ‘always-on’ search world where users simply turn to their phones for any queries they may have. Read more.


Top 5 Take Outs From The Recent ‘Get With The Programmatic’ Event

get-with-the-programmatic-takeawaysMarketing week and Econsultancy recently held their ‘Get With The Programmatic’ event a couple of weeks ago and thankfully, equimedia, the UK based Digital Media Agency, have done everyone a favour and published their top take outs from the event for the poor souls who couldn’t attend. The event, now in its second year, is aimed to provide real-time information on developing your programmatic strategy plus how to optimise your programmatic spend. Featuring a number of different segments and fascinating speakers including Nestle, Thomas Cook Airlines and Infectious Media, equimedia sum up the key takeaways from the event including; the different ways advertisers can use programmatic to tell a story, address the issue of viewability, the greater use of data in programmatic creative campaigns and the need for brands to be ‘always-on’. Read more.


Combatting Ad-Blocking: Move from the Browser to the Inbox

brand-outreach-chartThe Digital Advertising industry is being put under the microscope like never before, with the ad-blocking phenomenon seen by many as another stick to beat the industry with. While the industry clamours around the threats posed by ad-blocking and the media hype up the evils of digital advertising, it should be noted that one digital marketing tactic flies under the radar: email marketing. According to July 2015 research carried out by Adobe, a majority (63%) of consumers in the UK prefer to be contacted by brands by email over other mediums.  Advertisers should take particular note of these figures as previous studies conducted by Ipsos Mori found that 79% of UK used email frequently and 71% of all email opens take place on a mobile device.Read more.


Facebook Readies To Launch DSP Product For 2016

facebook-dspFacebook is taking the next logical step in its evolution toward a full-stack ad tech offering, rolling out a demand-side platform (DSP) capable of executing programmatic buys using the company’s “people-based” advertising methodology. According to AdExchanger, Facebook’s Atlas team has pitched the DSP product to a number of agency partners, including Omnicom Group, Havas, Merkle and others in recent weeks. Set for release in the first half of 2016, the DSP will be one of the final pieces of the jigsaw for Facebook’s ad platform business, which today includes an ad server (Atlas), sell-side platform (LiveRail) and ad network (Audience Network). Facebook is billing the tool as a next generation DSP with stronger identity management than anything in market today and is set to directly compete against Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager. Read more.


The Evolution of Display Advertising (Infographic)

evolution-of-display-advertisingThe world of display advertising moves at a rapid rate, and there have been numerous changes to the ecosystem over the past twenty years. The current market is efficient and diverse, and while this means there are fantastic opportunities for specific targeting across multiple platforms, it also means that competition is higher than ever. An understanding of the history of digital advertising and how it has evolved can help marketers make the right decisions to ensure campaigns have the best possible chance of success. Thankfully, UK based Programmatic Agency, PRGRMTK, have produced an excellent infographic detailing the changing landscape of Display Advertising from when it first began to today’s Programmatic age. Read more.


PubMatic Release New Mobile Report for Q3 2015

pubmatic-logoPubMatic released its new Quarterly Mobile Index, which tracks trends across mobile ad channels. The report is glowing in its evaluation of mobile worldwide. While the growth of mobile is old news, Pubmatic focuses on the key drivers of this growth until now and in the future. Five key trends have emerged from the report with Mobile CPMs now higher and growing fasters than Desktop CPMs, Mature markets like North America and Europe offering promising scale, while Latin America and Asia are bringing on new users at an incredible rate. The embrace of Mobile friendly sites means mobile web inventory is improving rapidly (though the bar was very low), and Apple app ads are the fastest-growing segment of any category for both price and volume. Read more.



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