Performance Marketing Travel Case Study – Website Retargeting and Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Case Study: 5

Client Industry: Online Travel Search

Technique: Website Retargeting Combined With Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Website retargeting explained:

Hipmunk, a fast-growing travel search site, wanted to determine if and by how much retargeting could drive incremental conversions from potential customers. Additionally, they were looking to maximize conversions from site visitors, and increase their site audience.

The company conducted a five-week A/B Test that compared conversions among users of the Search and Booking products who viewed retargeted ads, with those who did not. They also implemented a segmented retargeting campaign for Hipmunk’s flight and hotel products within a twelve-month period.

Test data showed a significant conversion lift of 75% for the retargeted Search group. A conversion lift of 50% was observed for the retargeted Booking group. Implementation of segmented Hotel campaign resulted in a 66% improvement in CPA.

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