Performance Marketing In Financial Services Case Study – Search Retargeting

Search RetargetingCase Study: 3

Client Industry: Financial Advertiser

Technique: Search Retargeting

This technique explained:

A financial advertiser wanted to go beyond search engine marketing to reach small business owners interested in signing up for a card. To do this, the advertiser leveraged search retargeting.

Through the power of search, the finance advertiser targeted “hand raisers” searching for brand related and competitive keywords along with search terms related to the financial industry. For example, Magnetic placed specific brand messages in front of users that previously searched for “credit card,” or “checking account.”

Achieved effective pricing and increased the numbers of quality leads for less.
This resulted in a $49 CPA, more than 50% less than the targeting goal.
A 73% decrease in CPA was observed over the course of the campaign.

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