Performance Marketing In Financial Services Case Study – Email Retargeting

Case Study: 2

Client Industry: Life Insurance Agency

Techniques: Email Retargeting and Site Retargeting
This technique explained:
A national Insurance Agency wanted to deploy a multi-channel campaign offering Term Life Insurance to nurses that live in the US and were under the age of 65. The campaign would be deployed using the client’s internal mailing list and email list, to direct PPC, Display and Retargeting activity.

Combining elements of direct mail, Email Retargeting, PPC, Display and Site Retargeting, the agency formed a highly effective integrated marketing strategy. All channels, mediums and individuals were tracked closely to allow for accurate retargeting to take place. Specific Display ads and Video ads were set up to serve to those retargeting groups which developed through the campaign.

Segmentation: +Potential customers were segmented based on their response to Email communications from the agency as follows:

Retargeting Groups:
Those who opened the email but did not click through
Those who opened the email, clicked through to the website, but did not click the CTA
Those who opened the email, clicked through to the website, clicked the CTA, but did not convert

Group 1: Were shown ads to draw them to the website that they never clicked through to.

Group 2: Were shown ads that directed them back to the website they originally saw, but the main content was changed to acknowledge their return and highlighted the data from the portion of the microsite they dwelled on the longest during their original visit.

Group 3: Was shown ads that directed them back to a landing page encouraging them to complete their registration and highlighted the main benefits.

A total campaign spend of just over $98,000 generated over $245,000 in annual recurring revenue with a 10 year average certification period that extended the overall predicted income to over $2,000,000.

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