The Midweeker – Your Weekly News Programmatic Round-Up

The Midweeker – Your Weekly News Programmatic Round-Up

Industry Stuck on Measuring Impressions?

“Human and viewable doesn’t mean that it worked.” Moat CEO Jonah Goodhart calls for consumer experience to become a stronger part of the marketing conversation.

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 Mary Meeker’s Latest Internet Trends Report

Industry analyst Mary Meeker gives her latest report on developing trends in the internet today. What is the future for monetisation on Instagram? What is holding back the fight on malvertising? Meeker lays out the numbers on ad blocking, mobile marketing, and more. Read More


Should We Be Evaluating Companies Based on Mobile Revenue?

Sarah Sluis of AdExchanger discusses the blurry line connecting mobile revenue to overall marketing success. Recent years have seen audiences migrating from desktop to mobile web, and from mobile web to mobile apps. What may look like industry growth through mobile advertising may simply be the natural migration of current customers to mobile devices disguised as new audiences. Read more.

Lookalike Targeting is Not Prospecting

Finding new and relevant target audiences can be a grueling challenge for advertisers. In response to this, many turn to lookalike targeting to hit their designated numbers. With current big-data capabilities giving advertisers access to more information than ever before, Krishna Boppana challenges those in the field to take a more holistic approach to prospecting in order to cultivate better informed media buys. Read more

The Art of War in Facebook Advertising

In light of the upcoming shutdown of the Facebook Exchange, Bob Buch discusses what marketers can now expect in the cutthroat world of Facebook advertising. With customer data now largely hidden behind Facebook’s walls, new tactics may be required for companies whose marketing models rely on retargeting.  Read More


What Will it Take to Move the Needle on Programmatic Direct?

“While the merits of programmatic direct have been widely discussed, its adoption has been nascent.” Daniel Bornstein gives his take on the adoption of programmatic direct in the digital marketing world, and what can be done to promote further integration of the practice. Read more.

Overcoming Fragmentation of First-Party Data

First-party data is a company’s greatest marketing asset, and so effective implementation is key for marketing success. Bridget Bidlack of AdExchanger discusses the roadblocks most frequently experienced by businesses in the world of data marketing, and how best to overcome it through integration. Read more.


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